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Michael normally responds within 24 hours. Or course, being a freak of nature, his sleeping habits are rather odd so depending upon your Earthly geo-location, the response may arrive at an unexpected hour in the wee hours of the morning.

Thanks for taking the time to give Drone FX a whirl.


About Drone FX

Drone FX is a project developed by the earthling named Michael Gieson. The concept driving Drone FX was to automate deep, rich musical beds of creamy textures along the order of music created by the likes of Brian Eno, and The Stars of the Lid.

Creating ambient music is a rather boring and sleepy process. So Michael set out to leverage classical music theory, including chord theory, chord progression theory, chord structure and note harmonics to generate an algorithm that would, at the very least, produce an overall song structure that consisted of long, droning, ambient textures overlaid and swirling about each other in harmony, with a touch on dissidence and spontaneity.

Drone FX is a pet project of Michaels and he is responsible for every facet of the app including the concept, programming, graphic design and audio engineering.

As a "solo" developer, and because the app is low-profile, all support is handled directly by Michael.


Click here for info pertaining to the legal usage of stuff YOU create with Drone FX.

Troublshooting Tips for iOS

No Sound?

A few things to check:

1. Check how you have the mute toggle button configured. The mute toggle switch can be configured to deal with the screen lock or the mute. Here's how i have things set up in the iPad "Settings" app.

In the "General" section:
- Use Side Switch to:
- lock rotation: checked
- mute: unchecked

In the "Sounds" section:
- Change with buttons: off
- lock sounds: on
- keyboard clicks: on

2. Try closing down other apps that are running... Sometimes other apps "hog" the audio processor. Double-click the big main ipad button, then touch and hold on the pop-up list, then touch the red x to close other apps. Click the big physical button again when your done.

3. Check the output connection. Audio can come from a variety of sources:

- Built-in speaker
- 1/8 inch audio jack to headphones/speackers/line-out
- USB connector -- many options here.

Sometimes plugging in, or unplugging the output connection causes the system to freak out or reset. Because internally the system has to re-direct the output signal from one connector to the other. Apps are also responsible for monitoring, and/or controlling this connection, and sometimes apps can trip-up the system, or mis-inform the system about the actual connection being used.


Troublshooting Tips for Desktop

By default recordings are saved to the desktop. You can change the location of the recordings using the "gear" icon and choosing another destination folder. I recommend choosing an internal drive rather than an external or USB drive.

Recording time will vary based on the power of your machine. Because the recordings are all stored in memory, and then dumped to the disk once you finalize the recordings (by clicking the record butten a second time). This is a poor design on my part, I should have incrementially dumped to disk over time, but because Drone FX is a processor intensive app, my hand was forced to do things this way for the time being.






Ambient Generative Soundscape Music

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